What We Do-Cieffe S.a.S. di Cassine Flavio & C.

What We Do

Core business

The core business of Cieffe is the automotive industry: following closely the relation with the commissioners up to the time the project comes to itís end. The machinery will be carefully supervised from itís assembly phase, until arriving to itís test and itís finally put on trial on the commissionerís plant.

 Cieffe obviously assumes the responsibility of assisting the commissioners and the clients, with the reassembling, tune up and final test of the machinery expecting their complete satisfaction.


Time and experience brought to Cieffe knowledge in our working field and collect relationship in working environment, in Italy as well as Brazil and India. Especially within these two strategic countries we can count on a solid relationship with people with different skill.

Most of them are Brazilian or Hindi mother tongue but fluent in English.

  The above with the main goal to be able to supply to our customers not only technicians as Mechanical Engineers, Electronic Engineers (PLC as Siemens Step 7, Mitsubishi and Allen Bradley), Robot Engineers (Kuka, Fanuc and ABB) and site manager good in their expertise area but that can be able to interact directly and in an autonomous way with the final customer during final reassembly.

Using the capabilities gained though the years, Cieffe can commit itself successfully  to work with numerical controlled  machine center, and as well can  operate from manual  to semi- automatic or even completely automatic assembly  line.